10 Ways a Kitchen Remodel Will Benefit Your Lifestyle

Thinking about completely updating your kitchen? Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular home projects, and for good reasons. A kitchen remodel can expand your space and offers a customized layout that matches your current needs.

If you’ve been dreaming of a new kitchen, read on to discover a multitude of benefits that a kitchen remodel will provide for your home!

How a Kitchen Remodel Upgrades Your Life

1. It makes meal preparation easier

Think about the number of meals you prep each week in your kitchen. When your space’s layout isn’t practical, dealing with its inefficiencies makes daily meal prep more time-consuming. Once you remodel your kitchen, you’ll have the counter space, storage, and elbow room you need to make meal prep a breeze.

2. It adds features that lower your energy usage

Old appliances, lighting, and fixtures increase your energy usage and monthly bills. When you remodel your kitchen, opt for energy-saving features like LED lighting, ENERGY STAR® appliances, and water-efficient fixtures.

3. You can enjoy ample storage (finally!)

When you don’t have ample room in your kitchen for small appliances, kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, leftover containers, and more, you may find yourself either cluttering up your countertops or storing them in odd places nearby.

With a kitchen remodel, the storage you desire at your fingertips can finally be added where you need it most—in the kitchen! Now all you require for each meal is within reach in an organized place you can find it daily. And you get to enjoy the beauty of uncluttered surfaces. Ahhh!

4. You’ll get the floor plan that makes sense for your family

Outdated floorplans can make your kitchen impractical and cumbersome, particularly on busy mornings when you and your family need to get out in a hurry. With a kitchen remodel, your distinct needs are taken into account, and a new flow for your space is designed accordingly.

5. You’ll be refreshed with updated countertops and cabinets

The look of your current kitchen has a lot to do with the condition of your counters and cabinets. When they get tired, the whole space can look drab. But a kitchen remodel lifts the atmosphere with crisp, clean surfaces that work well for you and look fabulous. You can say goodbye to grungy cabinets and hello to sleek, modern cabinets that ooze with personality from their hardware to their design.

6. You get to express your style

When you moved into your home, your kitchen probably wasn’t exactly what you wanted. You made do, but now it’s time for a remodel. Take the opportunity to create your dream kitchen with the style and vibe you crave, and then sit back and enjoy it!

7. Hazardous features are eliminated

Does your current kitchen have a floor that becomes slippery pretty easily? Is there a pocket of unhealthy mold or mildew tucked away under the sink that you’ve been meaning to deal with? Is the electrical wiring up-to-date and safe? With a kitchen remodel, you can address these and other hazardous features, making your space a place of safety and security.

8. You can add the island you’ve been dreaming of

Increase your counter space for small appliances and food prep with a gorgeous kitchen island. Adding an island to your open-concept kitchen will create a defined space to cook, eat, and more. An island offers a great place for kids to do homework or grab a snack after school as dinner is prepared, giving you more time together each day.

You can get creative with your island seating options, from bar stools to dining chairs along one or more sides of the island. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll love this focal point of your remodeled kitchen.

9. Create an open-concept kitchen

If you’re tired of a closed kitchen that shuts you off from the rest of your home, expand your space by knocking down walls with a kitchen remodel. Redesign your kitchen with an inviting open concept, and maximize your space by creating a central gathering place for your family, as well as a place to entertain friends comfortably. An open-concept kitchen is part of a “great room” that includes your dining space, living room, and kitchen in one open area.

Without walls separating these three “rooms,” your furniture placement will help you create room “zones.” Anchor your island with task lighting, and define your living space by facing couches away from your kitchen space. Place island seating so it looks into the kitchen. Anchor your dining table with pendant lights or a subtle, beautiful chandelier that will draw attention to your eating area.

10. Get the walk-in pantry you need

Kitchen countertops and cabinets only have so much room. A well-organized, practical walk-in pantry may be the perfect solution for your needs. With a kitchen remodel you can add a walk-in pantry that provides extra storage for canned goods, dry foods, beverages, snacks, and kitchen supplies.

Use the vertical space in your pantry by including a shelving system that gives everything a place to belong, so you know exactly where to find what you’re looking for easily. Rather than a traditional hinged door, get a sleek pocket door on your pantry that enables you to slide it into the wall and out of the way.

Get a Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel for Your Colorado Home

Transform your cramped, outdated kitchen into a modern, functional space you enjoy with a kitchen remodel by VL Builders. Imagine cooking and entertaining with ease in your newly remodeled kitchen.

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