Our Process

Your home is more than just a building; it's a personal sanctuary. When you choose to remodel, you deserve a smooth, worry-free experience. At VL Builders, we make your dream home a reality through a meticulous, customer-focused approach. 

Our process starts with an in-depth exploration of your project's needs, including detailed construction drawings, material selection, and local requirements. This results in a clear blueprint for your remodel, replacing vague estimates with a precise, accurate quote. 

Unlike the industry norm, we don't provide estimates that could lead to unexpected expenses. Instead, we offer a fixed-price contract, comprehensive scope of work, and detailed drawings from the start. This approach minimizes unforeseen changes and ensures change orders only occur if you request alterations or hidden conditions arise. 

With VL Builders, you're investing in peace of mind. We've refined our processes to ensure your project unfolds smoothly and to your satisfaction. This guide details what you can expect when partnering with us, from the initial consultation to the successful completion of your project. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 303-278-9055. 

Crafting Exceptional Interior Spaces. We're here to make your dream home a reality. When you choose VL Builders, you're not just getting a contractor-you're gaining a partner, a team, dedicated to trust and transparency. Feel at ease knowing you'll never be pressured into making decisions. Instead, you'll be heard and guided every step of the way. And our commitment to you doesn't end with the project's completion. We're here for you, ready to support and advise, long after the renovations are done. Home renovation goes beyond bricks and mortar-it's about trust, understanding, and lasting relationships. Discover the VL Builders difference: where your needs are at the forefront, and you're always valued.

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At the heart of our process is understanding your dream home. We aim to build a long-term relationship by listening to your unique vision. The initial consultation, which can be conducted via Google Meet or in person, typically lasts 90 minutes. 

What To Expect During Your Home Remodeling Design Consultation

To ensure a cohesive vision, we request the presence of all decision-makers during this initial meeting. This way, we are all on the same page from the get-go. If this isn’t possible, we’re more than happy to arrange a follow-up meeting at a more convenient time. 

Our discussion will cover a wide range of topics, from your overarching project goals to your ideal completion date. With an emphasis on detailed information, we aim to provide an accurate initial budget and confirm that we’re the right team to bring your vision to life. 

This comprehensive conversation paves the way for us to review your space together. We’ll assess the existing conditions, discuss desired updates, and explore potential design changes. Following this, we’ll provide you with a budget recommendation for your project and present our Professional Services Agreement. 

Timeline: 1-4 hours for your initial onboarding meeting. 

  • Personalized Consultation: Understanding you and your family’s needs.
  • Visual Assessment: Reviewing the project and existing conditions 
  • Design Exploration: Discussing design aspects and anticipated level of finishes
  • Budget Recommendation: A preliminary project budget proposal 
  • Professional Services Agreement: An introduction to our service agreement


Creating your dream home requires careful planning. If you don’t have pre-existing blueprints or material selections, don’t worry. Our Professional Services Agreement (PSA) provides a thorough design and planning service to cover every project detail. 

What To Expect During the Design Planning Process

Upon your decision to collaborate with us, we commence the PSA process. 

Typically the PSA costs between 5-7% of your estimated project budget upfront. However, VL Builders credits most fees associated with this agreement (excluding engineering/architectural services) towards your construction project’s cost. 

Collaborating with us during this time typically takes 4-12 hours of your time making it a mostly hands-off experience for you. 

The PSA Phase usually takes: 

  • 45 Days for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements 
  • 65 Days for Single Floor Remodels 
  • 90 Days for Whole Home Remodels 

During the PSA we start with a site measure to document your home's existing conditions. We then create detailed as-built drawings and present design options to review with you at our first meeting. This collaborative meeting ensures all of your needs are met within the new space. 

With your layout finalized, we schedule your Selections Day at our showroom or our trade partners’ showrooms to finalize the materials to be used in your project. Upon completion of all selections, VL Builders drafts the preliminary construction documents to prepare for our Trade Walkthrough. 

During our Trade Walkthrough, we complete a Code Compliance Evaluation and review the drawings for accuracy in detail. Upon completion of all selections, trade walkthrough, code compliance evaluation, and preliminary drawing updates, VL Builders finalizes the Scope of Work, compiles a Fixed-price Construction Contract, and an anticipated construction schedule for your project. 

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks 

Phase 1: Home Design Layout

Send us any inspiration photos you have from Houzz, Pinterest, or other related platforms & magazines. 

We’ll schedule a site visit to document all the existing conditions within your home and complete a site measure. This usually takes 2-8 hours depending on the project. (You do not need to be present) 

With the existing conditions documented, we will draw an as-built plan in our design software. We will then create a layout proposal based on the information discussed during our consultation and NKBA design standards. We’ll then hold a review meeting with you to solicit your feedback on the layout options and finalize our preliminary design. 

(1-2 hours of your time) 

Phase 2: Home Design Preference Selections

Now that your preliminary design & layout is approved, we’ll invite you into our showroom & trade partner showrooms to select all the materials for your project. This will include cabinets, countertops, flooring, tile, hardware, accessories, and more! We’ll then enter your selections into your client portal and send them to you for signature & approval. 

Once selections are approved, we’ll verify product lead times, product quantities, and ensure that all products work together appropriately for your space. 

(Selections Typically Take 2-8 hours of your time) 

Phase 3: Home Remodeling Code Compliance

With most of the selections done and our preliminary design & construction drawing set completed, we’ll then set up a Trade & Code Compliance Evaluation Day at your home. We’ll walk our trades & project management team through the space, and verify drawings & design details for accuracy. 

With the design verified, unknown questions answered, and all details finalized, we’ll move into Phase 4. 

Phase 4: Home Remodeling Contract

Now that all the information necessary is gathered, we will finalize the scope of work for your project to incorporate all required steps involved to facilitate a successful project fit for perfection. We’ll then draft a fixed-price construction contract. 

Once the construction contract, scope of work, and pricing are reviewed, we’ll make any necessary adjustments. Once approved we’ll create the final construction blueprints & move into Step 3- Build.

  • Creation of 3D Design and Construction Drawings
  • Code Compliance Evaluation
  • Trade Walkthrough
  • Selections Day(s) for Choosing Materials
  • Finalization of Scope of Work
  • Fixed-price Construction Contract
  • Project Scheduling for Anticipated Timeline


Bring your vision to life! Now that we’ve gathered your blueprints, chosen the materials, agreed on the scope of work, and signed the construction contract, it’s time to turn your dream into a reality. 

What To Expect 

The importance of pre-job planning cannot be overstated. This phase aligns our site team with the tasks and objectives set for your project. We assign a Lead Carpenter, who will be responsible for actualizing your project. This carpenter will review all the documents we generated during the planning stage, checking for any discrepancies or potential issues. They’ll spend about 1-2 hours on-site, ensuring everything aligns with the plans and any additional information required for your project is gathered. 

Simultaneously, our Production Supervisor will initiate the necessary permits, finalize the project schedule with subcontractors (Plumber, Electrician, HVAC), and place orders for all project-related materials. Once all details have been examined and approved, the schedule is finalized, and material delivery timelines are established, we’ll arrange a Pre-Construction Walkthrough with you. 

The Pre-Construction Walkthrough is our final meeting before construction begins. 

This meeting aims to ensure all parties are aligned and provides a platform to discuss any last-minute project details. You, the Lead Carpenter, Remodeling Design Consultant, and Production Supervisor will be present. We will discuss pets & people, job site safety, emergency contacts, work schedule, job site workflow, and any questions you may have about the project. 

With preparations complete, it’s time to commence work. Your Project Portal will keep you informed about all aspects of your project, including the work schedule, change orders, contracts, selections, and daily logs. Thus, you’ll always be in the loop, never left wondering what’s happening next. 

Timeline: 8-16 weeks. 

An Overview of the Building Phases Involved In Your Project 

Phase 1: Pre-Job Planning

All of your project details are turned over to the Operations Manager who then assigns a Production Supervisor and Lead Carpenter to your project. The Lead Carpenter receives all project-related documents and comes on-site to review your project details and get acquainted with the project. 

Once all details have been reviewed for accuracy, drawings will be submitted for building permits, all project-related materials will be ordered to be received at our warehouse, and your project schedule will be finalized.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction Walkthrough

The pre-construction walkthrough is our last meeting held prior to commencing work. During this meeting, you will be formally introduced to your Production Supervisor and the Lead Carpenter assigned to your project. 

This meeting is held to ensure any last-minute questions are answered, and all parties are on the same page including you as the client, our production team, and your Remodeling Design Consultant. During this meeting, we’ll cover workflow plans, storage & bathroom usage, people & pets, and the anticipated project schedule. We’ll also hand out “Pardon Our Dust” letters to your neighbors with our contact information should anything come up during the project such as a blocked mailbox. 

Phase 3: All Work Commences

Now that we’ve received all of your materials, introduced you to the team responsible for building your project, and the schedule has been finalized, all work will commence on the agreed-upon start date. Once started, VL Builders works continuously on your project until its completion. 

During work, VL Builders will manage all pieces of the project including coordinating all the work, city or county-required inspections, and getting materials to the job site. You’ll get to sit back and watch it all unfold. You’ll also be able to see your live project schedule in our VL Builders Client portal along with all other project-related documents, and our Production Supervisor will be sure to check in with you regularly to ensure you’re always kept up to date on your project's details.

Phase 4: Substantial Completion Walkthrough

Now that your project is nearing completion, our Lead Carpenter will go through all of the completed work with our Workmanship Standards checking for anything that doesn’t meet the mark. If anything is found, the Lead Carpenter will get it touched up and turn the list in to our Production Supervisor for review. Once the Production Supervisor is satisfied, we’ll schedule a Substantial Completion Walkthrough with you.

The goal of this walkthrough is to present your space as completed, however, there are times when we may be waiting on custom glass or special order hardware to finish the job. During this walkthrough, our Production Supervisor will walk you through the new space, show you how everything works, provide you with all of our product warranties, and review the space to ensure there are no other details needed. Should anything be found, we’ll list it on the substantial completion walkthrough form and collect your signature for the final list of work to be completed. We’ll then move into Phase 4: Enjoy. 

  • Pre-Job Planning 
  • Submission of Material Orders 
  • Finalization of Schedule 
  • Updates to Project Portal 
  • Pre-Construction Walkthrough 
  • Commencement of Work Until Substantial Completion


Revel in your revitalized space! This is the moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating. As your project approaches its final stages, most, if not all, of the work is complete. 

What To Expect 

Now that the substantial completion walkthrough is complete and the final punch list has been completed, our Production Supervisor will strive to finish any remaining work within 10 days of the walkthrough. At the time your final payment is received, your 2-year workmanship warranty will commence. Plus, we’ll schedule our 90-day check-in. The 90-day check-in is essential because it allows you time to experience your new space. Just like getting used to a new car, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first enjoy your completed project. Once you’ve had ample time to live in your new space, and the materials have had a chance to settle, we’ll schedule an inspection to address any concerns that may have arisen since your project’s completion.

  • Completion of Punch List Work (Within 10 days) 
  • Commencement of 2-Year Workmanship Warranty 
  • Scheduled 90-Day Check-In 
  • VL Home Care Plan